Death of satire

It must be really hard to be a satirist these days, what with the real world being so absurd. Still, what’s left but to laugh:

Fafnir: It isn’t me takin your sandwich Gilbets it is the government. That sandwich is a Class-3 Controlled Sandwich.
Giblets: Nuts to the government! Giblets is the only government that matters here an all sandwiches are permitted! Eat what thou wilt is the whole of the law!
FAF.: But the federal government gets to regulate stuff even in local Gibletsy governments because it gets to regulate interstate commerce.
GIBS.: The government is stupid! Giblets’s sandwich is not commerce, it is Giblets’s sandwich and he is going to eat it!
FAF.: But just cause you’re gonna eat the sandwich doesn’t mean it’s not commerce. How does the government know you’re not gonna do somethin commercy with your sandwich like feed it to livestock or let it have sex with a prostitute? Wouldn’t you be drivin down the price of sandwiches in the black sandwich market?

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