Dean scream screened?

This is obvious when you think about it, but one of the reason Dean seemed a bit over the top during his “I have a scream” speech is that he was apparently using a noise canceling mic. When mixed with the roaring sound of the crowd (as it is with some of the videos shot by crowd members), it takes on a different character all-together. Would someone more media-savvy caught this and made sure that it didn’t happen? Probably not.

I just don’t understand how Dems prefer a dud like Kerry. I guess they’ve had enough excitement for now. But unlike with Dean, I will have that nasty taste in my mouth if I am forced to vote for Kerry in the general election. Lesser evils suck.

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    i’m for kerry because i think he has the experience, and capacity to beat gwb. I was ok with dean at one time, then i read the chronicle story on the dem. candidates higher ed policies and realized that dean not only didn’t have a clue, but also used the neutral, inoffensive, politico-speech that i really dislike in politicians. he was trying to sound like he belonged instead of belonging, after that he was just another bush in dem clothing. then i went to read his policy statements and i was even more convinced that he is not my choice. just look at his agriculture position and ask ‘what is he going to do’ and you come up with a bunch of well as president he can’t really do anything about, but he says he will…. but you have to realize that he is going to be paired with a republican house, which will make it much tougher for his ideas to even get heard. House/Senate politics is another reason to choose kerry.

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    If I emphasized policies, I would be voting for one of the “token candidates” on the ticket. I don’t like Kerry for a few reasons. One is that the CSPAN2 coverage on the campaign trail showed him to be incapable of connecting to people who weren’t politicos. I am not the most garrulous person myself, but he appears to lack empathy. He’s all about image.

    And then, in one of the debates, when the issue of taxes came up and Dean said that it was pretty straightforward that you couldn’t balance the budget without rolling back the Bush tax cut, Kerry basically said you can’t get elected without saying you won’t raise taxes. He didn’t have a better solution for making the budget work. So there’s really two possibilities: borrow-and-spend (a la Bush) or he’s lying to the voters about taxes in classic experienced politician form.

    Kerry is saturated in Washington politics, and while I’ve never really gone for those posing in the garb of the outsider, I get the feeling that dean shoots from the hip. It doesn’t bother me particularly that he might also be a loose cannon.

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    I don’t think Dean is perfect, but he strikes me as being honest and is someone who will say what he’ll do and do what he says. Kerry is really just another Republican-Lite politician and if he gets the nomination I will feel no guilt in votingi third party.

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    see dean to me doesn’t seem honest, and seems somewhat inauthentic too, but that is just me.

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    Funny thing is that in the past I was more concerned with candidates’ policies than whether I thought I could in some way rely on their character. Now that’s reversed. And it’s somewhat irksome, since (despite the above attempt), I can’t really put my finger on why I feel in favor of Dean and against Kerry. I fear that it is tied up in image, and image is so deftly manipulated that this seems a poor basis for the decision.

    Part of this might also be a feeling, for the first time in a long time, that the government simply isn’t working. If that’s the case, Kerry’s tenure in Washington politics becomes a mark against him in my book.

    I am sympathetic to Sam’s position. I took what I thought was a principled position in deciding not to vote for Gore last time around (I didn’t like his positions or his personality), but I frankly don’t know what I’ll do this time around. I wish I’d switched my party affiliation in time to vote in the Democratic primary–I don’t think I’d have much effect (Dean enjoys a strong lead in this part of the country, for some reason), but at least I could have voted for a major candidate I felt good about.

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