Christmas list

It is, as Lucy would note, the gift-getting season.

Talking to Jamie the other day and asked her what she wanted for Christmas. We’ve been married approximately forever now, so I should be able to anticipate the answer, but I still ask. “Well, the mattress is dying, and we could use some new sheets.” I stopped her before she could note that we needed to see the dentist soon. I asked if there was anything that was, you know, more gift-like. No, she said, she didn’t need anything. Impossible.

In the spirit of modeling behavior, I present to you my lengthy list of gifts that I don’t need at all, via the Froogle Gift Registry.

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    doesn’t work like this, there is nothing to identify the google user name.

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    Blasted cookies. Fixed.

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    well the bmw 1200 is fine, i think the recent review of the kawasaki 650makes it a bit better. Likewise, a sig 230? come on, everyone knows the 226 is the best classic 9mm, mack bolan and james bond used it when their favorite’s went the way time tends to take firearms, though one might take a peak at the 245… as for the coach bag? i highly suggest you check out what i use which is the filson’s laptop bag, a better choice by far, and i cannot believe you would go for the ‘eames chaise’ when it is really a corbusier in plain black when you can get it in palomino…., likewise the spiderco knives, you can get them in folded damascus you know… very nice…. trackballs man,,, the logitech trackman fx has owned me for some time, do i want to move this guide 1 pixel to the right, no problem, it is also shaped ergonomically to match a more natural wrist posture, now a porsche is fine… but why not go for the real thing and finally, when choosing submachineguns…. choose right, have a merry holiday, listen to the

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    OK, defending my choices:

    0. Most of the choices were dictated by what froogle had available.

    1. I have a large butt, and tend to ride fast on long roads. Oh, wait, moot point: since evil accident I am forbidden from owning any motorcycle.

    2. The 226 is the clear choice when you are James Bond and have your suits tailored to hide a shoulder-holster bulge. For the rest of us, the smaller frame of the 239 makes it a smarter daily carry.

    3. I’m open on the bag: though I’ve carried a coach bag for the last 12 years (same one) and that’s a pretty good depreciation curve.

    4. It’s not exactly a Corbusier, but I’ll admit this was a Froogle dictated choice.

    5. I’m no MS fan, but I have both their split keyboard and the listed trackball at home, and *love* them. Just looking for a matched set for work. I suppose that if I asked really nicely (and mentioned impending RSI) they might buy me those.

    6. Nah, no ducktails for me. Since this would be a daily driver in a city that has slippery streets now and again, I’m pretty sure my top choice among the Porsches would be the Carrera 4. My last two cars were a 944 and 956, and I loved the way they handled but need more torque. Since I plan to stay in academia for a while, the more likely choice will be something like this.

    7. To stay legal, I need a weapon that comes with (real) transfer papers. If you know of a /10 that does… :).

    8. I hate Christmas carols. That one is about the only exception.

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