Check this out: Informatics Dissolution

Jim Milles, Law Librarian extraordinaire, webcasts a periodic podcast called Check This Out!. The most recent episode (mp3) provides the voices of 19 of the graduate students in the program.

Those voices are bit difficult to make out in places, but if you are interested in what is happening with the School, this makes for interesting listening. I hope some of the administrators take the time to listen to this. The students are pretty expressive about their concerns, and the provost and president have been far less articulate in their responses. The main thing these students want? Transparency. What decisions are being made? Why are they being made they way they are? The corporate double-speak doesn’t cut it.

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  1. Posted 6/30/2006 at 8:06 am | Permalink

    wow… i wonder what the ischools people think of this. granted… when i looked at the kind of empiricisms prevalent of much of the buffalo hires… i was concerned, but i don’t think the radical action of dissolution is best for students or universities.

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