Alphabetic tunes

OK, too many of these silly meme things, but I needed a short break before my brain pickles. I like this more than the earlier “top 5” list (especially since it requires no thought). The idea is to put all your songs in current rotation in alphabetic order, by song title, and take the first song for each letter of the alphabet. Oh, and no artist doubles.

“Aaj Phir Jeene Ki” – Lata Mangashkar
“Baby Baby” – Talking Heads
“Cambodia” – Art of Trance
“Da Da Da” – Trio
“Easy to Love” – Billie Holliday
“Face to Face” – Siouxsie & the Banshees
“Galway Bay” – Clancy Brothers
“Had To” – Fisher
“I Against I” – Mos Def & Massive Attack
“Jago” – Killer Instinct (Shakuhachi Remix)
“Kärleken Väntar” – Kent
“Lady Jane” – Rolling Stones
“Machismo” – Gomez
“Nasty Habbits” – Oingo Boingo
“Ocean Waltz” – Sting
“Page of Cups” – Enigma
“Question of Lust” – Depeche Mode
“Radio” – Judy & Mary
“Sad Songs and Waltzes” – Cake
“Tajabone” – Ismael Lo
“Under the Bridge” – RHCP
“Vanilla” – Tachibana Izumi
“Wah Doh Dem” – Eek-a-mouse
“Yellow” – Coldplay
“Zero” – Smashing Pumpkins

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