Word Bursts

So, it seems that word bursting is now all the rage. They have a page of bursts over at Daypop and I think something similar at technorati. The idea isn’t all that groundbreaking: it’s what Google has been doing for some time with their Zeitgeist.

Nonetheless, having it out there and done frees me a bit from hurrying the work I was doing in a similar vein. I presented an early version of this at the conference last October (the pdf is here). I still think the method I am using is worthwhile, but it probably isn’t all that original.

Instead I’ll focus on a less proximate goal, which is rolling this into a larger community identification and tracking system. Assuming I can get enough together to have a test platform ready by the start of summer, I may apply to NSF (career grant) to cover further research.

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  1. By Caveat Lector on 2/25/2003 at 10:55 am

    I watch what’s going on at Fatshadow lately, and I can’t help laughing. Rather bitter laughter, but nonetheless. I used to be very active on the Usenet newsgroup alt.support.childfree, until the tone became so negative it dragged me down wi…

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