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  1. Ben | electiongame

    Your remember Mario Bros, here I recommend a game that brings us to politics during the campaign.

  2. Sean

    Dense and interesting. I wonder what some of the experts would think now that gaming has become so ubiquitous. I also think it is interesting to to refer to the 70′s-80′s as gaming’s golden age. It really seems like we are still in gaming’s golden age, if we have in fact entered it yet. The time period focused on seems to clearly be the birth of the video game but I wonder if I wouldn’t have thought differently before owning my PS2. I seem to remember the late 90s being the final death kell of the arcades which in a way felt like the death of video games, much like I feel now about the devaluation of video games due to the proliferation of cheap apps killing gaming now. That is all a bunch of melodrama and video games clearly are the mainstream now and just beginning to reach their potential as a form. Neat look back in any case!

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