The B files

And for those consipiracy nuts out there (I know who you are) who are worried about posting because “the government” might be watching, here were the .govs and .mils from this last month. I warn you: pretty tame stuff…

* Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque
* Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago
* Army Information Systems Engineering Command
* Army Intelligence & Security Command

* California Dept. of Transportation
* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
* Defense Information Systems Agency
* DISA Proxy (see discussion, though it looks simply to be a proxy for users on various military bases)
* Federal Bureau of Prisons (maybe a proxy?)
* Federal Court System
* Federal Emergency Management Agency
* Goddard Space Flight Center
* Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Lab
* Jet Propultion Lab
* National Endowment for the Humanities
* National Institutes of Health
* Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center (via here)
* Naval Postgraduate School Library
* Navy Marine Corps Intranet
* NY City Government
* Overseas Private Investment Corporation
* Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
* Peterson AFB
* US Coast Guard
* US Postal Service
* Sandia National Labs
* Ramstein AFB (to protect identities, I haven’t been reporting third-level domains, but “evil?” Who names their computer “evil”?)
* Spangdahlem AFB
* Tinker AFB
* Vandenberg AFB
* West Point

And, just as an aside, if you are the person who visits from In-Q-Tell now and again, if you give me lots of money, I’ll make something cool for you :).

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