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Open Analytics and Social Fascination Talk

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Dirigible Avatars

Not quite Blade Runner, but I like the idea of presenting myself in physical spaces as a giant airbag…
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Toys & Tools

It’s no secret: one of the reasons I wanted to have kids is for the toys. It’s so much more socially acceptable (and fun) to buy Legos and light sabers for your kids. But the irony is that kids don’t want toys, they want the real thing. Sure, they’ll settle for the cardboard box fashioned […]
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It gets better

I'm sure you’ve seen a number of these, but I particularly like Pixar’s take, precisely because it’s a bunch of people who are not Hollywood stars in the traditional sense. It gets better for lots of people, not just the super-famous. (Hat-tip to the always-awesome Prof. Hacker.)
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