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JetBlue +

What would make JetBlue even better than it already is? As an aside, I love flying Jet Blue, and racked up over 40 flights on the airline last year, but it is already showing cracks in its customer service. I hope they don’t let that continue to slide. Back to the topic: what would make […]
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Best lived cities

Following on my earlier West Coast / East Coast post, I was interested to see Mercer’s Quality-of-Living Report for global cities. Setting New York as 100.0 (Center of the Universe, remember?), it ranks a few US cities as better, including Honolulu (103.3), San Francisco (103.2), Boston (101.9), DC (100.4), Chicago (100.4), and Portland (100.3). Vancouver […]
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East Coast v. West Coast / one love

I recently wrote about how I was torn between two “homes”: SoCal and NYC. Having just spent a bit of time in “the OC,” I have refreshed my memory for comparisons. How do they stack up? 1. Transportation I love being able to walk out my door and hop on a subway. The idea of […]
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Where’s home

Kevin comments on the nature of a home. For a long time, home has been where I hang my hat. When people ask “Where are you from?” I don’t have a good answer. I usually answered “everywhere,” but that led to lengthy questioning. The truth is, the longest I’ve lived anywhere was the five years […]
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