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Sketch furniture

This is cho-cool. How long before you can have one of these at home. (The process, not the furniture, I mean. The furniture is already on sale.)
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Abstinence, evolution, and technology

This is probably obvious to everyone in the world but, perhaps, me. I’m so used to the idea that resistance to technology comes in the form of the Unibomber-esque, hyper-educated liberal humanist gone bad, that I somehow missed the consistent expression of technological resistance present in policies guided by the religious right. The plain reading […]
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Your lips say no, but…

Mark Frank joined the faculty at UB a year before I left. Seemed to be doing some really interesting work, and had a cool lab to play with. Had a chance to poke around just before I left, and they are doing some fun stuff. Now you can do a quick visit too. CBS News […]
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Slim Timing

Normally, it’s not a good sign if you think people are reading your mind, but sometimes it can be convenient. I’ve been using a spreadsheet to track my time for a while now, but it’s not reliable because I forget to enter time once in a while, and a bad record is more frustrating than […]
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