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What long tail?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the long tail, and its effect on online retailing. Basically, the idea is that as the cost of inventory, advertising, and delivery come down, there is an incentive for online retailers to have very large inventories. This means that they can mine niche products, rather than […]
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Kevin is playing with using his new helmet-cam to record his everyday experience. I did this a few years ago, trying to record an entire day, using a webcam and my laptop. Mine was, by necessity, shoulder-mounted, rather than head-mounted, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The idea runs back to Mann’s sousveillance or […]
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The future imagination

“The horse-drawn tram has vanished, and so will the trolley, and some eccentric Berlin writer in the twenties of the twenty-first century, wishing to portray our time, will go to a museum of technological history and locate a hundred-year-old streetcar, yellow, uncouth, with old-fashioned curved seats, and in a museum of old costumes dig up […]
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Called this one: Verizon + YouTube

A number of people in my Intro to Interactive class at Quinnipiac are employees of ESPN’s mobile effort. I noted earlier in the semester that the killer app for Verizon’s vCast was not sitcoms or sporting events–both of which are expensive, long content–but YouTube. It’s not exactly free, but moving that content to phones is […]
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