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Search Engine Society – Lecture 1

After some of the discussion of talking heads below, here is the lecture from one of my seminars this semester.
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Search Engine Society Review

Demonstrating just how out of the loop I am, I managed to miss this very nice overview of my new book Search Engine Society, written over a month ago. Shirley Niemans is a grad student at Utrecht, and works with the Institute of Networked Cultures, and her blog is worth following.
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Financial Times on Search Engine Society

James Harkin, writing for the The Financial Times, has a wrap-up of three new books on search engines, including mine. He suggests that I am too awed by search technologies. Well, as criticism goes, I think that’s fair. Or, to be more exact, I have the feeling that most people are too complacent about the […]
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Search Engine Society on Amazon

Via Twitter: cshirky: Twitter office pool: How many books will come out in 2008 with ‘Google’ in the title? Round your answer to nearest dozen… Well, not mine :). It’s on Amazon, now, with book preview, which means it must be real. However, the release date listed by Amazon is December 31. If you were […]
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