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Megan in Surfer

There are a few magazines that are iconic enough that we would all probably want to be interviewed for them. Rolling Stone comes to mind. My little sister Megan recently was interviewed by the online version of another: Surfer. Here’s a section: SURFERMag.com: In one of your interviews you said you were hitting the shark […]
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Remaindered Links

* The Art of Demotivation (via Pang) * What America really needs is wild elephants. * Speaking of big animals. They upgraded the size of the shark that attacked my little sister: 18 feet, and about two tons. Or, roughly the size of a Chevy Suburban. * Extreme Mormons: “How can you spread the Lord’s […]
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Feeding frenzy

If there is a silver lining to my little sister being nearly eaten by a large omnivorous beast, it is that I got to see her here in New York for the day. She’s due to be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning. I have had interactions with television news producers before, of varying reputation, […]
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Family Photo

Odd that it takes a shark attack to get a decent family photo. Here are Megan, Mom, and Arthur (my brother) in one place at one time. (Photograph is by Krista Kennell, and appeared on AOL News.)
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