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School.of moved

An attack by nasty hackers meant it was necessary to move the schoolof server that hosted blogs at UB for several years. I still haven’t decided what to do with that–whether to set it up again for students at Quinnipiac or whether to rely on existing blog servers. Nonetheless, a few people requested that they […]
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Blogs and the City

A bit of a late notice, but: Jia Lin will be defending her doctoral dissertation “Blogs and the City: Weblogs as Indicators of Urban Culture in America” tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13, at 2 pm in Baldy 553 on the north campus of the University at Buffalo. I am her committee chair, and other members include […]
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A couple of people have wondered, given the top 10 list of blogs on the schoolof.info blogserver, what the top server-wide search strings are. That is, what phrases bring people to the blogs. Here are some of the most common. (Ironically, these search strings will now bring them to my blog; second-order effects.) banned commercials […]
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Ed Amoroso on Information Security

On Monday (October 17), Ed Amoroso (CIO, AT&T) gave a talk here at UB on “Recent Innovations in Network Security” (RealMedia), focusing on the role of infrastructure and telecom folks in handling issues of security on the Net. His argument — “networks don’t run themselves” — is certainly AT&T-centric. Cool pictures of spikes in infrastructure […]
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