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Robot vids

I have said it before and will say it again: the future challenge will be how robotics is integrated into our society. It seems that androids are seeing a resurgence, which is a bit of a surprise to me. But the most interesting area is biomimicking robots of different sorts. I’ve posted videos before. Here […]
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Philip K. Dick robot

Continuing the theme of lifelike robots, BoingBoing points to a lifelike Philip K. Dick replibot, who is able to identify friends, and imitate the author’s own personality, just as Dick predicted in his own We Can Build You. Imagine having Abraham Lincoln as a guest speaker for third-grade history.
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Uncanny Bots

In last night’s seminar, we spoke a bit about the uncanny valley. How’s this for an example: a robot covered in “skinlike silicone,” was presented at the 2005 World Expo in Japan: Internal sensors allow the android to react “naturally.” It can block an attempted slap, for example. But it’s the little, “unconscious” movements that […]
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Slashdot is linking to a (slashdotted) article on the use of shotguns by robot soldiers. Really, this is hardly a surprise. It’s been predicted for some time now that once robots have some more experience in the field they would likely be armed in some way. I recently had an interesting discussion with some graduate […]
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