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Three QU students arrested. Chronicle?

Three undergrads have been arrested with a drug stash in their dorm. Given the trouble our campus has had with drinking, you think they might actually encourage something a bit less corrosive. (I’m only half kidding–security turned a fairly blind eye to marijuana use by students at some of the west coast universities I know.) […]
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Online MS in Interactive Communication

In the fall, QU launches our 100% online master’s program in interactive communication. It’s a really cool program for those who are interested in making the shift to online media production–especially management and social media. The courses are taken one at a time at an accelerated pace, and the degree can be finished in two […]
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Kudos to (ex) Chronicle Staff!

The administration at Quinnipiac, uncomfortable with some of the stories reported by their students in the campus newspaper, has taken a series of steps to gain closer control over the content of the paper. They have clearly indicated that they want student media to be independent of the university, but what this really means is […]
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Chronicle on Quinnipiac’s expansion

It’s funny that I should have to turn to another publication to learn more about my own university, particularly a university that is (and prides itself on being) so small and community oriented. It’s too bad our own Chronicle isn’t writing stories that are equally as revealing. Today they are running a story entitled “A […]
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