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Outsourced graffiti

Don’t have time to tag your own walls? Outsource it! Send a Message is an interesting site that allows you to dictate a message to be spray-painted on the Palestinian wall. Full employment for Palestinian graffiti artists. Besides, remember back when the Berlin Wall came down and Bloomingdale’s was selling chunks? Maybe in a few […]
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Global villages 2.0

The USA Today has an article today on the “blurring of social circles online.” It doesn’t quote danah, so I think it’s suspect from the outset (kidding!). Really, I want to note a couple of things. First, the author (Janet Kornblum) did something kind of interesting: set up a Facebook group to gather opinions. She […]
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Real meaning of “friend”

If another person says that Social Networking Sites are changing the meaning of the word “friend” for the worse, and makes it sound like he is saying something profound, I’m going to scream. As if we have a stable, broadly-accepted idea of what “friend” means. It’s more often something like Stewart’s “Casablanca” test for pornography: […]
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Technological Utopianism

I had a dream this weekend of Utopia. But there is a reason for this. This blog is a series of non-sequiturs, but in order to cushion the move from cuttlefish and conference sponsorship to pre-Marxist socialism, I should note that I spent most of Saturday engrossed in Stoppard’s entire Coast of Utopia trilogy. It […]
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