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Movie: The Protector

Went out to the Museum of the Moving Image to see a pre-release screening of The Protector, second film–after Ong-bak–in which Tony Jaa plays a starring role. The curator of the martial arts series at the museum makes the case for Jaa being the “it” martial arts star of the 00s. Bruce Lee had the […]
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A populist review of Pirates of the Caribbean

Chuck has a response to a recent article by AO Scott on dumb audiences that don’t seem to follow critics’ advice. Case in point: Pirates, which was suffering at the <60% mark over on the Tomatometer. I went to see it, and yes it was dumb, and I still enjoyed it. Just like I hated […]
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Killing the electric car…

I posted earlier about looking forward to Who Killed the Electric Car, a film documenting the introduction and obliteration of the GM EV-1 and similar all-electric vehicles. It’s getting great reviews, and I enjoyed it more than either Superman or Devil Wears Prada–but I have to say I was less than stunned by it. In […]
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Who killed the electric car?

This is a mystery I’ve always been interested in, and so I was intrigued when I saw the trailer for this. Saw it before that very interesting piece of propaganda: An Inconvenient Truth, a film that argues compellingly that those who chose Powerpoint over Keynote, and Bush over Gore, should feel pretty stupid about now. […]
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