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Two great movies, for very different reasons

I have been trying, desperately, to write over the last few weeks, but have gotten out to see two movies: Bourne Ultimatum and Rocket Science. I don’t have time to do full reviews of them, but since I enjoyed both a lot, I’ll do hundred-word versions. Bourne Ultimatum: With so many action movies lately it […]
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Sicko: Moore with less Moore

Went to see Michael Moore’s most recent documentary, Sicko, today. I enjoyed the film very much and strongly encourage folks to go out and see it. I was pleasantly surprised by it in a number of ways. In particular, there was some very inspiring stuff in there about democracy and self-rule. You probably have already […]
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Titanic II and Home Sweet Home

Today the block is once again surrounded by trailers: they’re going to be spending the better part of the next few weeks filming Titanic II in my building. It’s funny, I spent a lot of time in southern California, and rarely saw movie stars, and in New York they come to my house. I also […]
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Omnibus Film Review: latter part of 06

Here are some movies I’ve seen, and what I thought of them. The short version: it’s been a good year for action flicks, and some of the films released over the last few weeks have been top notch. * Babel Critics: Unpredictable and complex. Me: Had its moments, could be edited into a decent film. […]
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