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Shark jumping

When I started my job three years ago, people (who shall remain nameless) suggested that blogs were an interesting diversion, but would never be a subject of serious academic study. “Why not study decision support systems?” And while it has been nice to see wide coverage in the press, this just served to support the […]
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Bunch of people have posted about Blogexplosion. It’s a way to randomly encounter new weblogs, and also to drive (random) traffic to your own site. I recently came into discussion with someone about the idea of “public weblogging,” that is weblogs that are kept for a fairly public audience. My weblog is a public weblog. […]
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I know many of my more far-flung readers have, like me, been using Firefox for a very long time. When I saw the features list, I almost didn’t make the move to version 1.0, because everything was working so well. I’m glad I did. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems even faster. It still […]
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Performance measures

At some point, you want to know that you are reaching the public. Hey, I’m going to want to know that *of* you. So, there are a few metrics we might consider for that. *Traffic* I can get a traffic report that lets me know how many people are visiting your site each month. You […]
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