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Do online classes suck?

Before arriving at my current posting, I would have thought the idea that online classes compared poorly to their offline counterparts was one that was slowly and inevitably fading away. But a recent suggestion by a colleague that we might tell incoming freshmen that real students take traditional meatspace courses and those just interested in […]
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Badges: The Skeptical Evangelist

I have been meaning to find a moment to write about learning badges for some time. I wanted to respond to the last run of criticisms of learning badges, and the most I managed was a brief comment on Alex Reid’s post. Now, with the announcement of the winners of this year’s DML Competition, there […]
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Retreating on the Grades

Heading into a new semester and assembling the syllabi (well, one–the other, once again this term, is in the hands of the students), I’ve decided to give up on my short-lived “no grades” policy. At least nominally. What happened? Well, at least pedagogically, I was fine with it. To recap, I was concerned that students […]
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Run of Everything

When asked about where the Camiroi playgrounds could be found: Oh, the whole world. The children have the run of everything. To set up specific playgrounds would be like setting up a table-sized aquarium in the depths of the ocean. It would really be pointless. – RA Lafferty, “Primary Education of the Camiroi”
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