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Crimes & misdemeanors

The State of Connecticut has a list of criminal convictions since 2000 on the web for easy searching. Unlike other states, this one includes minor infractions like traffic violations. Nosy person that I am, I checked on some of my fellow faculty. Was hoping to find some dark secrets that would reveal something of their […]
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I wouldn’t steal

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Close Guantánamo

I started to assemble a list of candidates’ positions on Guantánamo and indefinite detention, but then found that Shayana Kadidal had already done it over at the Huffington Post: Clinton: Consistent advocate of Gtmo closure; co-sponsored Feinstein bill to close it down. A bit ambiguous at times on coercive interrogation; had wanted more detail on […]
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Quinnipiac Chronicle and administrative “oversight”

I haven’t blogged about the ongoing saga of the Quinnipiac Chronicle, our student paper, which is facing administrative censorship. An editorial printed in the paper lays out the problems: efforts to constrain the way the paper represents the university and its policies. The president doesn’t like how his position has been portrayed in the paper, […]
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