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Pong Democracy

Just what you need: another game of Pong. But there is something less fun than facinating about this Massively Multiplayer Pong. Each side is played by a team of several people who, though constant feedback, “vote” where the paddle should be. One way to play is to place your vote where you think the paddle […]
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Is the new

What’s “the new black”? More importantly, what’s the new X that is the new black? Check out the cool diagram of such claims from 2005. Wouldn’t be all that hard to automate the creation of that diagram, I think. A little script to automate a Google or Technorati search for “is the new,” a bit […]
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AOL Data

As you may have heard, AOL recently released a data set that includes about 20 million searches from about 500 thousand users. This is a bit of a treasure trove for researchers, as it provides an example of what people search for and how their searches change over time. While users are identified only by […]
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Ignorance is strength

These two links have been in my publishing queue since this morning, but now that Kevin has posted one of them, forcing me to break my self-imposed “1 a day” publishing pattern. First, it would be nice if the new head of the NSA knew the constitution that he has sworn to uphold. Unfortunately, not […]
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