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Australian Wine Tasting

We ended the capstone seminar this year with an Australian Wine Tasting. People teamed up and went in on a bottle of Australian wine, max. US$18, and labelled them with appropriately Australian monikers. My “Crowded House,” a Ringbolt Cab-Sav didn’t do well at all, though I liked it. The winner was a 2001 Greg Norman […]
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Class notes

Some remaining bits from discussion in class last night: In class, we had discussed whether executives will blog, or just have convincing ghost writers. Here is a job that seems to be the latter. They would need to get good people: maybe they should hire me :). On the mapping front, Google has released Google […]
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PRing Kevin

Kevin blogs about some cool iPod shuffle skins he received from the company after blogging about them. I bring this up because it feeds directly into a discussion we had in the capstone seminar a couple weeks ago. We had talked about whether it was appropriate for bloggers to accept gifts. In this case, and […]
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Waiter Rant

The next time someone tells me blogs are all about teenage angst or political rants, I’m sending them to this entry, which is neither.
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