(MS) Word Blogs?

Yes, there are some neat little tools out there that let you blog from the desktop. But shouldn’t your Word Processor do that?

It looks like the new version of Word (out probably sometime before the Apocalypse) will do that for you. And before you make the natural assumptions (crummy code, only integrated with MS products) go check out the post.

I had a chat with someone recently about what keeps me from going all-Linux for the desktop. I actually like Word for writing in. I can imagine a better word processor, but Open Office isn’t it. There are a lot of things I would like to see–ease of use, strong integration with a bibliographic system, use as an IDE, etc.–and while this happens in pieces, I’ve yet to find something I like. It would be interesting, if a bit surprising, if MS evolved in that direction.

This is one bell/whistle I could actually use. Too bad they can’t open up the structure–a la Firefox–so that we could do our own free plug-ins to extend Word and make it more useful. Yes, I know it is possible to extend office products–I ended up writing some pretty interesting extensions for Excel in two of my jobs in the “real world”–but for whatever reason, it doesn’t have the same feel.

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