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Reddit, Course Discussion, and Badges

This semester I am using a community on Reddit to run my course. I’m certainly not the first to do this. Here, for example, is a subreddit for a Japanese language course, part of the whole University of Reddit project. Using existing social software for course management is also nothing new. The code that runs […]
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MaKey MaKey

This makes physical computing dead simple. I’m in for one…
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The Privacy Trade Myth

Cory Doctorow has a new essay in Technology Review entitled “The Curious Case of Internet Privacy”. He begins by outlining the idea of “the trade” an idea he rightly suggests has risen to the level of myth. “The trade” is simply that you are permitted to use a system like Facebook for free, and in […]
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Badgepost Failures

I just realized I told some folks on a phone call that the recent post indicated some of my failures in using badges, but it didn’t really. I would deem it generally a very high success, and will continue to use badges in all my classes. With rare exceptions, students have been pretty enthusiastic (with […]
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