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The Badges of Oz

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about being a “skeptical evangelist” when it comes to the uses of badges in learning. This was spurred, in large part, by a workshop run by Mitch Resnick at DML2012 that was critical of the focus on badges. This year Resnick was back, as part of a […]
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Re-Presenting Badges

Yes, it’s another badge post. Feel free to skip, or take a look at some of the other badge-related stuff I’ve posted earlier to get some background. One of my earliest questions, asked a couple of years ago, about badges and the Open Badge Infrastructure is whether you could put badges into the infrastructure that […]
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Gaming Amazon Reviews

I will readily admit it: I trust Amazon reviews. I just bought a toy at Toys R Us for my eldest son for his birthday. It kind of sucks, though he’s a bright kid and can make sucky things work. If I had read the Amazon reviews, I would have found this out before making […]
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Quantified Scholar

One of the themes of my book (you know, the book I keep talking about but keep failing to snatch from the outer atmosphere of my imagination, where it seems to reside) is that by measuring, you can create change in yourself and in others. Given that, and the immense non-being of the book, its […]
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